Comparative Medicine supports the research activities of TaARI and McMaster faculty, postdoctoral fellows, residents, and students by fostering a comprehensive program of quality animal care. CM ensures humane care and use of all laboratory animals, provides technical information and training in conjunction with the Central Animal Facility at McMaster University.

Responsibilities and Services provided by CM include:

  • Provision of Canadian Council on Animal Care Good Animal Practice accredited facility
  • Consultation and collaboration with research personnel to assist in research project planning and model development
  • Training programs in conjuction with the McMaster Central Animal Facility
  • Animal procurement
  • Provision of daily animal husbandry
  • Provision of animal health surveillance
  • Provision of Veterinary care and technical support

Welcome to TaARI

The staff of TaARI Comparative Medicine endevour to provide exceptional animal care as well as to assist investigators to achieve their research and teaching goals. Veterinary and animal care staff work in conjunction with the Central Animal Facility (CAF) in order to provide comprehensive services to support research and education at McMaster University.


This site is intended to provide information and resources regarding the animal care and husbandry at the Thrombosis and Atherosclerosis Research Institute

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